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April 22, 2010 at 11:44 pm (Around Town)

A Tribute to Phoenix Magazine

As a history major in college, I learned many important facts; including fun facts that I’ve kept with me along the way. For example, did you know that in the South, Southern Living acts as a signature piece in practically every Southern household? This status symbol seems to be as important as the home’s interior decorating and it’s pertinent that it’s always prominently displayed.

In Arizona, I am a loyal subscriber and reader of Phoenix Magazine. I consider this to be Arizona’s version of Southern Living and I treat mine like a Southern belle treats her own subscription. Phoenix Magazine  acts as my one stop shop for information that every local Phoenician needs to know. On any given month, this literary jewel of the desert is filled with tips on the best shopping, restaurants, doctors, hiking trails, weekend journeys, real estate, events and happenings around town. This magazine proves that Arizona is filled with adventures and culture right at our fingertips.

In this month’s issue, Phoenix Magazine features 33 neighborhoods we love. I loved each one and as I flipped through the pages, I took an imaginary real estate journey through each household.

Take a trip around the Grand Circle – Did you know that in the 1800’s, it was a status symbol to complete the “Grand Circle.” Phoenix Magazine featured the Grand Circle this month and explained just exactly what it is. The Grand Circle is a journey you take to give you an authentic taste of the Southwest by traveling through five states and witnessing some of the most beautiful national parks, monuments and breathtaking scenery. Pick up your local Phoenix Magazine today for a detailed itinerary on how to complete this symbolic journey.

Salsa Festival  – May 1 – A festival dedicated to salsa? This is right up my alley! My taste buds love authentic salsa and since I live in the Southwest, I get to satisfy my salsa craving any day of the week. For the true lovers of salsa, this Salsa Festival is coming to town in May, allowing you to taste all the salsa your heart desires. You’ll get the true feel of a Southwest lifestyle during this free event in North Scottsdale. The festival also happens to be a short drive away from Cave Creek, home of some of the best country establishments in the state, including Harold’s. Make your Saturday a true cowboy adventure on May 1! 

Peach Festival  – May 8-16 – My mouth begins to water as I think about the approaching Peach Festival at Schnepf Farms. Schnepf Farms takes their annual Peach Festival very seriously and fills the event with peach everything including cuisines like peach pancakes, samplings, peach games, peach pickings and family-fun events. Schnepf Farms does a great job of making the most of the seasons. Be sure to take a weekend drive to visit the Festival and come back in October to pick out your Halloween pumpkins at their fall festival!

Sneaking to stands in May! Phoenix Magazine will be featuring the ultimate Arizona travel guide which is useful to locals and tourists alike! I’ve lived in Arizona for years, but I have an ongoing list of explorations I need to complete. The magazine comes out in May, so you might still have time to subscribe, otherwise, be sure to visit Borders to pick up this coveted guide.

As you can see, Phoenix Magazine holds the key to the treasure chest of adventures in Phoenix. To my friends in Phoenix and those in other parts of the country, my advice to you is to subscribe to your local magazine. Here, you will find important information to keep you in the know and you’ll be viewed as the go-to lady for anyone looking for local (not touristy) information.

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