When the Orange Blossoms Come out to Play

March 25, 2010 at 12:43 am (Around Town)

It’s the prettiest time of year in Arizona and probably the reason the streets have twice as many cars and the restaurants have hour-long waits. If you have ever been to Arizona in March, you know its worth it. Picture this. On a typical March day, the weather is a perfect 75-80 degrees with a cool breeze. Arizona is known for their orange blossoms and when spring hits, Phoenix smells like its been kissed by the fragrance gods. The aroma puts anyone in a good mood. In Phoenix, we are lucky to have Spring Training visit us once a year and with that comes tourists…a lot of tourists. But, it’s good for the local businesses and as a fan of these businesses I support anything that keeps them afloat! With the gorgeous weather, the land blossoming, the birds chirping and the town flowing with events and fun in the sun, the month of March makes me realize how Pollyanna felt in her story. It’s easy to be in a good mood during this lovely month of March. Call me in August and my attitude might be a bit different!

Farmer’s Markets

Take full advantage of your Saturdays, wake up early and walk or drive to your nearest farmer’s market. Here, our very own locals sell their homemade goodies and treats. Have you ever had goats milk fudge from Strawberry? You’ll get your chance to try it at the farmer’s markets! In honor of the outdoor season, here are some farmer’s markets to explore before the heat locks us inside for the summer.

Downtown Phoenix Public Market – This market used be on Saturdays, but due to its popularity, it grew to a full-blown Urban Grocery Store, with a wine bar! This is a great spot for a day with the family, your loved one or just friends. The grocery store operates Tuesday-Saturdays and the open-air market is on Wednesday and Saturday. http://www.foodconnect.org/phoenixmarket/

The Camelback Market– This is one of the classic markets in town and a chance to take a day trip to France. This delectable market is open October – May. Walk the market streets and give your taste buds a treat with Panini sandwiches, shrimp skewers, lamb chops and word fired pizzas. If you’re looking for gifts, why not give French-made a shot and buy honey olive oil and French Soaps. https://www.vincentsoncamelback.com/bistro/market.php

Old Town Farmer’s Market – I’ve fullfilled my craving for goat’s milk fudge (don’t let the name scare you, it’s good!) at this quaint market nestled in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Visitors can find fresh produce, home essentials and tasty treats. Be sure to wake up early, because it only runs on Saturdays! http://www.arizonafarmersmarkets.com/pageScottsdaleOldtown/ScottsdaleOTsat.htm

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