When the Shoe Fairies Visit

March 10, 2010 at 12:54 am (Shopping)

My shoe obsession started long, long ago when I was just a little girl trying on big girl shoes while my Mom shopped. My kindergarten class contributed to my love every time we sang a new shoe’s song when a student came to school with a bright and shiny new pair. Even on St. Patrick’s Day, my sister added to my shoe love by making sure Leo the Leprechaun came out to play, by filling my bedside shoes with goodies and treats. In Catholic school, the only way you could show individuality with a uniform was through your shoes.  From converse in middle school to stilettos today, the love of shoes continues to grow as much as the height of the heel in today’s trends.

Think about it. Shoes are always on your side. If the holidays failed your waistline, you can still wear your Jimmy Choo’s and feel fabulous. If you’re stuck in a uniform and want to add some flair, slip into your favorite heels or flats and life looks a bit brighter. The love of shoes shows no boundaries or discrimination. Whether you’re a man, woman, child or adult, there is the perfect shoe waiting for you.

When the closet fairies come to visit me, I hope they leave me racks full of Christian Louboutin’s. A girl can often only dream about shoes, but sometimes window shopping is just what we need to brighten our day.

So, let’s take a walk in Christian’s shoes and let the day dreaming begin!

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