Find a Penny. Please Pick it Up.

March 4, 2010 at 9:13 pm (Shopping)

Find a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck. How many times have we heard this old wives tale? If you find a penny head’s up, you’ll have good luck. If you find a penny tail’s up, leave it there or else you’ll have bad luck. We’ll I have a new theory. If you see a penny on the ground, pick it up, otherwise you might be giving someone ELSE bad luck!

I recently was the victim of a flat tire. Normally a nail is the culprit but this time, there was a twist to the story. The latest item found to wedge itself in my tire is…you guessed it, a penny! An Abraham Lincoln copper coin staring me right in the face. As it turns out, cars ran over the penny, formed it into a jagged-edged dagger, where it wedged itself in my tire and ripped it to shreds. Talk about inflation. This “lucky” penny went from being worth $.01 to $80!

So my friends, next time you see a copper coin lying on the ground, pick it up and not only will you have good luck but you could be paying it forward and saving someone a possible misfortune!

Thanks to my friends at Discount Tires, my tire was changed in time for my 1:00 meeting.

In honor of ironic “luck,” here are a couple items currently frequenting the retailers for you to spend your pocket greens.

Reading Luck

Looking for luck in Fashion? Check out Lucky Magazine.  They are a great one-stop source for shopping, style, advice and resources!

Luck of the Irish

Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner? Start your green search at Anthropologie early to avoid any unnecessary pinching!

Jig Your Way Through March

In the mood for an Irish Jig? Check out one of if not the finest Irish Bands around, Flogging Molly. Better yet, take a look at their concert dates and check them out in person. They’ll be putting Phoenix in the Irish swing of things on March 17.

Make your other walls green with envy

In 2010, green seems to be the theme sneaking its way into living rooms around town. Find out why and take a look at this green’afied house.

The Green Machine

Feeling lucky enough to take a chance with your pocket greens on this BMW? Personally, I don’t think my luck stretches that far.

See you leprechauns at the end of the rainbow!

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