Be Kind to You Waistline

February 12, 2010 at 11:53 pm (Spare your Waistline)

The holidays are over but memories of cookies, eggnog, stuffing and gravy still linger…on the waistline. Those on the east coast might be jealous of Arizonian’s 70 degree weather and sunny skies, but it also means we can’t hide behind the thick winter jackets and sweaters! Don’t wait for summertime to be kind to your waistline. You can start now by looking at your simple, every day routines and taking the extra step – literally!

Lesson One: The King of Cold

He’s charming and alluring. He has all the right traits that make you think about him throughout the day. He’s suave, cool and appealing, but as fast as he arrived, he’s gone and you’re hitting the gym an extra hour. That’s right, I’m talking about our worst nightmare… the ice cream in your freezer that’s begging you for a date.

Be kind to your waistline!

Avoid the freezer and head to your local gym to focus your attention on looking your best. Who knows, you could avoid adding pounds and meet new people all in the same visit! Did I also mention it’s proven that working out releases endorphins?

Nip the craving with some low in fat and high in taste options

Graham Crackers and Frozen Cool Whip – top a chocolate graham cracker with a spoonful of frozen Cool Whip and you’ll never think of Mr. Cold Hearted Ice Cream again.

Frozen Yogurt – it’s healthy and you get more for your calories. If you’re in Arizona, check out Yogurtland or MoJo.

Frozen Yoplait Whips – Stick a Yoplait Whip in the freezer and prepare your taste buds for heaven.

McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone – Believe it or not, this is a healthy option for cravings on the go since they only have a couple grams of fat.

Lesson Two: Dodge the stares and take the stairs

12th floor…yes you are on the 12th floor of your office and you must- for fashion’s sake- wear a minimum of 3 inch heels to work. What other option is there but to take the over-crowded smelly elevator where your personal bubble is officially challenged.

Be kind to your waistline!

Bring in a pair of flip-flops to work and take the stairs! It’ll get easier every time you do it and you’ll burn calories, get your heart going in the morning and avoid the awkward elevator conversations on the way up.

Lesson Three- Embrace the last space

Its 5:30 and you have to run into the mall for new mascara. You search and search but luck is not on your side and the only parking space available is the last one on the 4th floor of the garage. Should you continue to look for one closer or accept your fate?

Be kind to your waistline!

Take this parking spot as an opportunity to get a little bit of exercise while running errands after your long day of sitting at a desk. Better yet, purposely park on the other side of the mall and get some exercise on the way to your purchase. You’ll burn some extra calories and you might even find a secret sale along the way!

Lesson Four- Fatty Food Fake-out

You’re starving and the only things that sound good are all the bad choices: Pizza, French Fries, Cheeseburgers…

Be kind to your waistline!

There’s a way to enjoy the fatty foods without the fat! Prepare your pantry for the junk food raid by stocking it with the healthier alternatives. 100 calorie snack packs and the low-calorie comfort food cookbooks are available allowing you to relieve you inner junk food needs without stacking on the pounds.

Helpful Hints:

Hungry Girl Cookbook

Weight Watcher Cookbook

Smart Ones frozen dinners (they have pizzas, quesadillas, pasta. The list goes on and the best part is that they don’t taste low-fat.)

Humus and Pita Chips – Try the Trader Joes Humus and Sea Salt Chips

Turkey Burgers

Veggie Burgers

Craving Fries? Buy some in the frozen food section and use PAM instead of oil to save some calories.

Lesson Five- Ditch the Cocktail Calories

The long work week is over and it’s time to relax. The list tonight includes dinner, cocktails and enjoying the night away.

Be kind to your waistline!

Instead of going to the bar and adding calories to your waistline from alcohol and a late night food cravings, try something new! Search for activities going on in your area such as concerts, outdoor activities, festivals and young professional organizations. Keep the cocktail calories off for the night and expand your network to meet new friends!

Check out the AZ Central Calendar of Events to find out some alternative options for the weekend.

Have any tips on how to be kind to your waistline? Post a comment and share!

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  1. Jen said,

    I love the tips on how to avoid the Butt!

    Another great way to avoid the Butt is the Special K Diet. It really works…..if you need to loose a quick 3-5 pounds, try this diet. It gets very boring but it does work. The basic deal is you have a bowl of cereal for two of your meals then the third meal you actually get to eat normal. Throughout the day, they have various snack bars you can eat that are really tasty. My favorite is the chocolate/peanut butter bar for a mid afternoon chocolate craving.

    This blog is awesome!

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