I love you. I love you not.

February 10, 2010 at 10:05 pm (Around Town, Uncategorized)

Valentine’s Day – Some cringe and some smile as the holiday sneaks up on us like the five pounds at Christmas. Women look around and all they see are couples, chocolates, flowers, balloons and romance. Men look around and all they see is…nothing. Do men even realize Valentine’s Day is coming? Who knows. The Hallmark holiday can cause friction for both lovebirds and the single’s club, but how you handle it is what that really matters.

Still searching for Mr. Right? Get your ladies together, go out on the town and meet new men or buy some wine and have an 80’s movie rerun night.

Taken? Don’t stress about what your guy does for you. Savor the moment and enjoy the time you’re spending together. Think about it, there are 364 other days in the year for your boyfriend to go above and beyond and you won’t even have to thank Hallmark for telling him to do so!

Looking for ideas? Check out some heartfelt tips on how to make the most of Valentine’s Day, or better yet, use these to make every day of the year Valentine’s Day – single or taken.

Movies in the Park

  • Visit Biltmore Fashion Park in the fall and spring and check out Friday night movies in the park. Pick up a picnic dinner to go, grab a blanket and snuggle up under the stars as you watch a timeless classic. http://www.shopbiltmore.com/events.asp
  • Saving money? Why not make your own backyard a movie in the park. Set up a projection screen, put down a blanket and make a savory picnic meal. Your backyard will never look so good!
  • Not a desert resident? Google movies in the park in your city and chances are they have something similar.

Savor the Desert Flavor

  • Rustler’s Rooste – A slide, a real bull and they serve snake (along with BBQ chicken and steak of course). If you are ready for a cowboy adventure, visit: www.rustlersrooste.com
  • Greaswood Flats – Picnic tables, live music and a wild west of a good time. www.greasewoodflat.net
  • Schnepf Farms – With peach festivals, pumpkin farms and an olive mille next door, this is a farm adventure that you’d never expect to find in Arizona. www.schnepffarms.com
  • Horseback Riding – You’re not an Arizonan until you’ve tried it – www.cavecreekoutfitters.com
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides – Take a look at Arizona from a different angle – www.hotairexpeditions.com

Dinner Dates

Here are just a few local spots to try with your sweetie.

  • Rokerji – Nestled in Central Phoenix with a fireplace and deep wood furniture, this spot is perfect for a romantic dinner for two. http://www.burningembersphoenix.com/
  • Dick’s Hideway – Richardson’s is now under renovation but in the meantime; try out Dick’s Hideaway which is the quaint and charming brother of Richardson’s. Built off the kitchen, it’s cozy and the food leaves you counting the days until your next visit. http://www.burningembersphoenix.com/
  • My Florist Café – Make sure you go there for dinner and eat your scrumptious meal to the sound of live music. http://www.myfloristcafe.com/

Side Note – If you’re looking for a post-dinner drink, check out Sidebar or The Rhythm Room (live jazz!)

  • Chelsea’s Kitchen – Homecookin’ at its finest. www.chelseaskitchenaz.com/
  • Capitol Grille – High quality steak in a cozy setting. www.thecapitalgrille.com/
  • Radio Milano – Be sure to eat there on Neighborhood Night (Mon & Tues) and you’ll get an appetizer or dessert and entrée for $20! www.radiomilanobar.com/
  • Pizzeria Bianco – It’s world famous, but be ready for a 2-3 hour wait. The good news though is that there is an adorable wine bar next door to help you pass the time! www.pizzeriabianco.com/

Take a class that leaves you wanting homework!

Cooking Classes

Massage Classes

Wine Tasting

Revisit your childhood

Wine and Cheese Please

Wine Nights

Wine Tasting Adventures

Home is where the heart is.

  • Make it a night in, cook together and play your favorite board games.


  • Can’t get away? Local resorts are the perfect vacation at a home away from home.

Road Trip

  • Vegas, Flagstaff and Sedona are just a stone’s throw away. Grab your honey or your best friends, visit www.priceline.com and take a weekend to get out-of-town. Don’t forget the road trip music mix!

For more ideas take a look at these sites:



  1. Sara Fleury said,

    Okay Lindsey, my husband and I have done just about everything on your list over the past 17 yrs. – with the exception of the massage classes (but we did do a yoga class). And I must say – he’s a very willing guinea pig. If you can find a man just like him you’ve struck gold (don’t tell him I said that though).
    Congrats on the new blog – I see you as the up and coming Carrie Bradshaw of Phoenix!

  2. Nikki said,

    This is the coolest blog I have ever seen! It is fun, all girls can relate and chuckle regardless of their current state (still looking or taken) and the fun couple date ideas are great! You need to make sure the men of Phoenix get a chance to check out this blog. There are so many fun ideas that any girl would love. You have a talent and are able to put all the great things going on in the local setting into a fun blog that everyone will want to keep coming back to see the latest updates!

    I agree with Sarah you are the new up and coming Carrie Bradshaw of Phoenix!

    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Nikki said,

    Pizzeria Bianco is the BEST kept secret in Phoenix! Maybe I am just biased because my husband of six years took me there for our 1st date. It was a magical night and for me, it was a pro that there was a two hour wait! I knew I was with my future husband at that point during the date…so I didn’t mind at all! 🙂 It is a great winter date place…..the white Christmas lights, the wine bar next door with candles, couches and a fireplace is so romantic and is the best first or 300th date place!

    Major props to my hubby!

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