Networking Events: College house parties for young professionals

January 27, 2010 at 9:28 pm (Around Town)

Network. Network. Network.

How are you supposed to meet people if you don’t get out there and try? The word network can come of as stuffy, sophisticated and down right boring. But, don’t let the word fool you! Once you hit the young professional age of life, networking is like the new college house party. Phoenix is full of networking social hours that normally occur at a local bar with cocktails involved. From events themed around Going Green to events focused on getting Phoenix professionals in touch with other Phoenix professionals, the options are endless.

So take the leap. Here are just a couple of networks to get started. Take a look and get yourself to one of the networking social hours. I doubt you’ll regret it and let me know when you meet your new best friend or significant other!

Get Phoenix –  – A network of business professionals

This group evolved from the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and does a great job of hosting a variety of Valley events, multiple times a month. Young like-minded professionals gather and network with each other at their main event once a month and several smaller opportunities throughout the month. Members (and non-members) can attend seminars on finance, communicating, going green and more. Members are invited to join Get Phoenix committees that range from planning the social events to organizing volunteer opportunities. It’s worth checking out at least once and I bet you find yourself coming back every month!

 Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Generation United –  – A network of volunteers

Are you 40 or under and do you like to give back with people your own age? Generation United is for you. Founded by the Valley of the Sun United Way, this organization saw that Young Professionals like to live by improving quality of live for the greater good, and they acted on it. From hosting social networking events to organizing volunteer opportunities in all areas of the giving spectrum, this is a great way to meet new people who have similar likes while making the world a better place along the way.

 Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce –  – A network for those who dream green

Are you green with jealously towards those who know how to make our environment cleaner and more breathable? Well, now you can become one yourself. For the Phoenicians who see our environment as one that needs a bit of work and they want to do something to improve it, check out Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce. Their mission statement says it all – “a non-profit organization committed to strengthening the voice and influence of businesses united to promote a more sustainable, environmentally sound economy and green public policy.” – Green Chamber of Commerce. With Valley events going on monthly, you’ll have several opportunities to join the Go Green movement and make friends with others who feel the same way you do!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! –  – A network for those on the run – literally

 So you like to run. A lot. You run to blow of steam. You run when you are trying to shed some pounds. You run when you just can’t think of anything better to do. So, why not run with others like you? This isn’t necessarily a networking group that meets once a month, but it’s the perfect site to join to learn about every running activity you could ever think of going on in the Valley. Seriously, everything you can think of. Have you ever heard of the Skirt Chaser? Check out the site. Guys, you might want to take a look too!

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce –

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce –

A network for the future leaders of the Valley

Buyer be warned, a membership is not cheap, but if you are serious about getting involved with your city and potentially running for an office in the future; joining your city’s chamber of commerce is the way to go. From morning networking meetings to seminars with some of the most prominent leaders in the Valley, you’ll definitely be in the know if you’re a part of this group and you will most likely help with molding the future of our state! Join this group and make friends with other future leaders.

Shout it from the rooftops! Want to spread the word about another networking group in town? Now’s your chance! Comment on this post or send me an email.

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